Sunday, April 02, 2006

Boram's journal entry of cherry blossom

I went out my house at 11:30 and took a metro bus until Greenbelt Metro. That time was raining. So I worried about breaking a promise. But it stopped when I arrived at the Metro. And I transfferred from a metro bus to a metro. On the metro, I sat alone and looked out the window, that light planes near College Park Metro and small amusement. But I didn’t remember exactly where small amusement. It took about 90minutes during transportation. I met my friends in front of Smithsonian Metro at 1:30pm. I saw a lot of people whom of all ages and both sexes at Metro. It is really interesting. I thought all people who lived in near this place came here. Because all of us were hungry, we ate lunch in American History Museum. I ate hamburger, but it was not good. The meat burnt, and there weren’t any vegetables. But I became better when I saw the landscape. Some people were flying kites, others were taking a rest on the mall, and others were running among the track. We just sat on the mall and looked many kinds of person for a while. It sounds boring, but we felt good. After we sat on the mall, we went to cherry blossom. It was a big place. We walked among the track and took some pictures. It was very good except many people. There were many people we could see every picture that appeared stranger persons. It was 6’o clock after we looked around the track. Because I didn’t have a bus lately, I only came back my house. I was a little sad, I didn’t have a choice. I took a metro with missing mind. On the metro, I slept. And I arrived at house at 7:50. It was a good day.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Today I came back my house. In the morning, we waked up lately and washed like yesterday. We ate breakfast that relatives readied and wrapped our pack. After we wrapped with our pack, we watched some Korean videos. In the afternoon, we went out the house. I wanted to take some pictures in front of house, but we didn’t have time enough to take pictures. So we went to bus stop quickly. After some times when we arrived, the bus came. We got on the bus without greeting to relatives. We felt sorry, so we called to relatives on the bus. It took 5hours. In the bus, we slept all time because we were very tired. After we got down the bus, we went to metro. And I took a metro until Greenbelt Metro. I took a taxi by my house. It is a good day.


Today I went to casino near Atlantic Ocean. In the morning, we waked up lately and washed. And we waited friend’s relatives who worked during morning. During we waited, we ate breakfast and watched some Korean Videos. In the afternoon, they bought hamburgers and came to house. As soon as we ate hamburgers, we went to casino. It took about 3 hours from house. When we arrived at casino, we were interesting. They are gorgeous and wonderful. I and my friend walked the way near Atlantic Ocean. We saw Atlantic Ocean, took pictures and watched stores where are next the way. We walked around the way and came in casino. In casino we put the money in the machine and started gambling. After gambling, we went to Korean restaurant. I lost some money, but it was a good time.


Today I went friend’s relative house. Friend’s relatives live in New Jersey. In the morning I waked up and washed. After my preparation that will go out ended, I went to Greenbelt Metro by bus. And I went until Union Station Metro. I and my friend met and went out station. Because we didn’t know the way exactly, we asked the way that went to bus stop to stranger who walked near us. The stranger told us the way. And the person said you need to caution because the way is dangerous. We relaxed before we heard talking. After we heard that, we felt a little scared. But we weren’t scared after we arrived in the bus stop. Because that time was day and we didn’t think the way was dangerous. We went to the bus stop and picked up our tickets that we reserved. And we bought some breads and milks in bus station. After we had waited for one hour, we got on the bus. On the bus, we listened to the songs with MP3 for 3 hour, so we didn’t feel bored. Friend’s relatives waited the place where we arrived. As soon as we arrived, we took the car that friend’s relatives drove. It took just for 15minutes when we went to house. After we arrived in the house, we watched some Korean videos and ate some snacks. And we ate dinner in Korean restaurant. Because we didn’t eat a lot of Korean food in USA, we ate food sweetly. We had a good time.


Today I didn’t go out and just stayed at home, but it was a long day. I waked up in the morning because my mother called me. After I called my mother, I turned on my computer, checked my e-mail. I received the five e-mails. Two of them were just spam mails. And another mail was a confirming of bus reservation. Tomorrow I will go to New Jersey, so I reserved a bus ticket. And the others were mails about payment of cell phone. The mails showed I didn’t pay the money about cell phone. But I sent the mail include check. Since that time, I have been confused. I contacted homepage, mail and phone my relative and friends. Every person didn’t know how to do. I had a bad time. After some times, my relative called me and said he thought I wrote my check wrong. I thought my check and got a problem. As soon as I knew my problem, I sent the e-mail to company of cell phone. And I am waiting e-mail of receiving now. Today I didn’t have many works. I spent time only one work. But I felt today is a very long day.


Today I went to smithsonian in Washington. When I visited American Indian museum with my friends and teachers, I went to other museums too. Other museums where I went to are Hirshhorn Museum and African Art Museum. But that time, I was very tired, so I didn’t look around everything in African Art Museum. Because I wanted to see all of it, I went to there today.
I and my friend met in front of Smithsonian metro at 1o’clock. After we walked on the way for a while, we ate lunch at stall on the street. We ate hot dog, chips, and soda. Its taste was good, but I didn’t feel good because it was very cold. We gave some pieces of breads to doves. The doves gathered around us speedy. It was a little scared but funny. Before I went to it, I though that cherry blossom would come into bloom. But there were not yet. I was a little sad, but landscape was good, so I would be good.
After lunch, we went African Art Museum. And I saw exhibition that I didn’t see during field trip. It was very big and complex museum. We didn’t find direction. When we though that we saw all of them, we went out. We walked and talked on the way. And we came back home by metro. It’s a good time.