Monday, March 27, 2006


Today I went to smithsonian in Washington. When I visited American Indian museum with my friends and teachers, I went to other museums too. Other museums where I went to are Hirshhorn Museum and African Art Museum. But that time, I was very tired, so I didn’t look around everything in African Art Museum. Because I wanted to see all of it, I went to there today.
I and my friend met in front of Smithsonian metro at 1o’clock. After we walked on the way for a while, we ate lunch at stall on the street. We ate hot dog, chips, and soda. Its taste was good, but I didn’t feel good because it was very cold. We gave some pieces of breads to doves. The doves gathered around us speedy. It was a little scared but funny. Before I went to it, I though that cherry blossom would come into bloom. But there were not yet. I was a little sad, but landscape was good, so I would be good.
After lunch, we went African Art Museum. And I saw exhibition that I didn’t see during field trip. It was very big and complex museum. We didn’t find direction. When we though that we saw all of them, we went out. We walked and talked on the way. And we came back home by metro. It’s a good time.


Blogger Nina Liakos said...

I am really glad to hear that you went back to a museum. I think you really like art! Have you been to the National Gallery or the Freer Gallery yet? In Washington, there are also the Phillips Gallery, the Corcoran Gallery, and the National Portrait Gallery. Those are not on the Mall. My favorite is the Phillips Gallery, at 21st and Q Streets NW. It has a lot of impressionists as well as modern art.

The birds you fed bread to were probably what we call pigeons. Another name for them is rock doves.

You can always eat lunch at one of the museum cafeterias. My favorite is the NMAI cafeteria where we ate on the field trip, but the National Gallery cafeteria is also very good.

6:12 PM

Blogger alan said...

hi, i am lun. Good essay, but you should do excercise for your health. hehe.

11:47 AM


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