Monday, March 27, 2006


Today I didn’t go out and just stayed at home, but it was a long day. I waked up in the morning because my mother called me. After I called my mother, I turned on my computer, checked my e-mail. I received the five e-mails. Two of them were just spam mails. And another mail was a confirming of bus reservation. Tomorrow I will go to New Jersey, so I reserved a bus ticket. And the others were mails about payment of cell phone. The mails showed I didn’t pay the money about cell phone. But I sent the mail include check. Since that time, I have been confused. I contacted homepage, mail and phone my relative and friends. Every person didn’t know how to do. I had a bad time. After some times, my relative called me and said he thought I wrote my check wrong. I thought my check and got a problem. As soon as I knew my problem, I sent the e-mail to company of cell phone. And I am waiting e-mail of receiving now. Today I didn’t have many works. I spent time only one work. But I felt today is a very long day.


Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Those kinds of problems with bills are really frustrating, I agree. No wonder it felt like a long day even though you didn't do very much!

6:08 PM


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