Sunday, April 02, 2006

Boram's journal entry of cherry blossom

I went out my house at 11:30 and took a metro bus until Greenbelt Metro. That time was raining. So I worried about breaking a promise. But it stopped when I arrived at the Metro. And I transfferred from a metro bus to a metro. On the metro, I sat alone and looked out the window, that light planes near College Park Metro and small amusement. But I didn’t remember exactly where small amusement. It took about 90minutes during transportation. I met my friends in front of Smithsonian Metro at 1:30pm. I saw a lot of people whom of all ages and both sexes at Metro. It is really interesting. I thought all people who lived in near this place came here. Because all of us were hungry, we ate lunch in American History Museum. I ate hamburger, but it was not good. The meat burnt, and there weren’t any vegetables. But I became better when I saw the landscape. Some people were flying kites, others were taking a rest on the mall, and others were running among the track. We just sat on the mall and looked many kinds of person for a while. It sounds boring, but we felt good. After we sat on the mall, we went to cherry blossom. It was a big place. We walked among the track and took some pictures. It was very good except many people. There were many people we could see every picture that appeared stranger persons. It was 6’o clock after we looked around the track. Because I didn’t have a bus lately, I only came back my house. I was a little sad, I didn’t have a choice. I took a metro with missing mind. On the metro, I slept. And I arrived at house at 7:50. It was a good day.


Blogger Nina Liakos said...

Hi, Boram!

You really made a whole afternoon of your cherry blossom homework! I think you must have gone down to the Mall on Saturday, right? I went Sunday with my family. It was unbelievably crowded. It's hard to appreciate the beautiful blossoms when you have to be carefuly not to step on small children and dogs, isn't it?

I think people-watching is excellent entertainment, especially in a foreign country. You can learn a lot about another culture just by watching.

Too bad about your lunch. Don't choose a hamburger next time. There are other choices, including vegetables! (I should know!) The NMAI cafeteria and the National Gallery cafeteria are both good.

Good job!

PS What does "with missing mind" mean?

5:56 AM


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